How do I use Rimbambo.com?

Rimbmabo provides coupons and deals for in-store and online shopping. Using Rimbambo is easy! You can search or browse for specific items, categories, or retailers.

How do I use coupons with a coupon code?

Coupon codes are usually associated with online offers. Generally, you enter the coupon code during the checkout process of the retailer when shopping online.

What coupons need to be printed? How do I know?

All Crazy Deals and Smart Deals require a printed coupon for redemption. Sales & Promos do not require a printed coupon.

What if the coupon discount does not work?

We recommend that you not proceed with the final checkout of your order if the discount does not show as expected. You can check that you entered it correctly or that it is still a valid offer. If you still have problems, you’ll need to contact the retailer directly to learn how to redeem the code.

How do I find the coupon that I need?

You can browse through coupon categories, retailers, or type in search terms to find the best deals and coupons.

For how long are these coupons good for?

Some coupons expire based on a date while some expire based on how many get printed/used. Each coupon shows whether it expires by date or usage.

How often do you update your site?

We update our site with new and top coupons a few times every day.

Does it cost anything to use this site?

No, you do not have to pay anything to use our site. We assure you that your personal information will remain confidential.

Do you have manufacturer's coupons or grocery store coupons?

No. We may add this feature in the near future. Contact us here to request it!

How can I advertise my business on Rimbambo?

Click here to sign up for a business account or click here to learn more.