How It Works

Deals and discounts are supposed to increase your profits, not just your traffic. Rimbambo is a coupon site with a few powerful twists, all of which were designed to give you more control of your promotions – and margins!

Create your own coupons

With our easy to use coupon builder, you can create and manage your promotions your way.

  • No waiting!
    Instantly post, edit, and stop deals.
  • No forced requirements!
    You pick the restrictions of your deal - there are no minimums or maximums.
  • No pressure!
    We don’t take a portion of your profits, therefore we don’t pressure you to reduce your margins just for us to make more money on your deal. It’s your deal – YOU should benefit from the buzz and traffic generated!

Get the help you need

You’ll always have the help you need to use Rimbambo most effectively. From online tool tips and videos to personal Account Specialists, we’re here to help you be successful!

Understand your customers

When you run a promotion, we give you real-time feedback on how many people are looking at or printing your deal. With this knowledge, you can fine tune your promotions to get the results you want.

Getting Started is Easy

Sign up for an account.

Signing up takes only a few minutes.

Complete your profile.

Upload your logo and bio of your company

Create your coupons.

Account Specialists can help you!

Fine tune your promotions to get the results you want!

Edit your coupons anytime.