About Us

Rimbambo, located in Meridian, Idaho (just outside of Boise) was founded in September, 2010. Its founder, David Crossett, started noticing a trend in the Deal-A-Day websites: Retailers were misusing them as a means of advertising and many times losing money in the process. He would exclaim “Deals and discounts are supposed to increase your profits, not just your traffic!” He saw an opportunity to merge two exciting and popular trends. First, the trend of the Deal-A-Day websites. But second, the trend of more consumers looking for and using coupons!

After assembling an amazing team of technology and sales professionals, David started working on a business model that allowed for all retailers to participate – not just the ones that can afford to discount their service 50% off or more. He realized that many times a simple 10% or 15% off deal was enough to persuade consumers to shop at one store versus another. Now, all retailers have the same opportunity to feature their business and increase their traffic – and at a very affordable price! It’s a true win/win for both retailers and consumers.

As David says, “I think we have something.” We do, and we’ll be coming to a town near you soon!